The Wall Street Journal has a pink wall for the living room.

Now, we’re all a little bit pinker, thanks to the Wall Street Blue Wall of Fame, which was unveiled at this year’s Wall Street Film Festival.

In honor of the new home of “Pinky,” the Wall of Fools features a pink tile pattern for the bedroom, an ornate wall with an array of different colored wallpaper, and a wall featuring an all-pink wall.

(The wall is available to purchase for $1,995 and comes in three colors: light, dark, and pink.)

Here’s a quick tour of the pink Wall of Failures, with a video of a couple using it to decorate a closet.

Pinker or not, the Wall’s design is pretty clever.

It’s an extension of the Wall-Of-Fools theme, and the pink wallpaper, for those who aren’t sure what that is, is supposed to signify the same feeling.

“You’ll feel a certain level of familiarity with this space that you don’t get with a regular wall,” says Tiffany Cagle, co-founder of the brand.

“So we want you to feel as if you’re really in a space, that it’s yours.”