Seahawks fans will get to enjoy the holidays with a Christmas Carol wallpaper

The Seahawks have finally confirmed their plans to have a Christmas special on Christmas Day, and it will be their “hilarious” Christmas wallpaper.The Wall of Christmas will be available in “the retail store, online at and”The wallpaper will be “featuring iconic characters from the ‘Hollyhock’ series,” according to the company.The wallpaper is available […]

What’s New on Apple’s New Lock Screen Wallpaper for iPhone 11

iOS 11 brings a whole new level of security to your home screen.If you’ve ever been locked out of your device, you’ll appreciate the lock screen wallpaper that comes with the new iOS 11 update.This new wallpaper is designed to protect your home from malicious apps that might try to install unwanted software.We’re not talking […]

‘Crazy’ photos of the ‘most beautiful’ mountains in the world are from a photographer’s brain

A new study has found that the images we take of the most beautiful mountains in our country are generated by a “brainstorming” process.In other words, the images of the mountains we see are more accurate than the real thing.Researchers from the University of Sussex, University of York and the University College London have looked […]