iOS 10: A look at the new wallpaper styles

A new iOS 10 wallpaper style has been revealed, with the iOS 10 Apple WatchKit 2.1 theme.The wallpaper was first revealed in the iOS 9 beta, but it hasn’t been released publicly yet.According to a screenshot on Apple’s blog, iOS 10 will have a variety of wallpapers to choose from, including “the familiar black and […]

Fortnite’s ‘super hero’ avatar – What to expect from the game

Fortnites official website has posted a trailer for the game’s super hero avatar.Fortnits official website posted a teaser trailer for its new “super hero” avatar.The trailer shows a soldier with an awesome looking armor, the cape and the cape insignia.It also features a super-hero-like appearance and cape.The new avatar has been created by the team […]

Why I’ve Changed my Phone Wallpaper to My Android Wallpaper

I have no idea why I’ve been using my phone’s wallpaper for the past year.I love it.It makes me feel so much better.I was a big fan of the Samsung Galaxy S7 wallpaper when it was released last year.It had the classic red, yellow and blue colors.Now, I use it to change my wallpaper, even […]