How to use Android’s built-in wallpaper for the best look at your Android phone

Android is a platform that can help you achieve a beautiful, colorful and minimalistic look on your device.That’s why you can get the best looking wallpaper on your phone from Google Play, and even get the default Android wallpaper, which is designed to look like the wallpaper on a TV screen.It’s important to make sure […]

How to get rid of your annoying anime wallpaper

Awwww… this wallpaper is annoying.Here’s how to remove it from your computer and keep it from ruining your anime-watching experience.1.Uninstall any previous version of the app.This includes versions 2.0 and 3.0.2.Go to Settings > Apps > Updates.3.Uncheck the box next to “Do not display this app on your device.”4.Go back to your device.5.Install the latest […]

Best Friend (Frozen) is the Best Anime Live Wallpaper for 2018

The best friend anime is finally back!And that means it’s time for the next season of anime live wallpapers.This time around, we’re focusing on two new animated shows: one from the new anime Frozen, and one from Frozen’s new animated film.There’s also an animated song from the Frozen soundtrack on top.To round out the anime […]

How to find and download the best anime live wallpaper on your phone

If you’ve ever wondered how to download an anime live wallpaper, the answer is simple: use Google’s app launcher.You can download it for free from the Google Play store, or you can pay $5 for premium service.That’s not a bad deal for a lot of people, but you’ll need to install the launcher app on […]

How to Get the Best Results with the Most Beautiful Wallpapers

In addition to being beautiful, wallpapers also can be a boon to the user.That’s because the more colors and patterns you choose, the better your device will look.A lot of people are concerned that their wallpaper is not pleasing to the eye, but a study conducted by the company Wallpaper Guru found that people prefer […]

How to Get Away with Doing Stupid Things: Why Are You Still a Bad Bunny?

If you were hoping to get away with doing stupid things like eating too many cookies and not paying attention to the time in your life, you’re in luck.Because this is the internet, you can now do it.That is, of course, if you’re the bad bunny.But seriously, the bad rabbit doesn’t do any stupid things.It’s […]