Which team will win this year’s Champions League title?

The Champions League has been awarded a trophy, and a trophy alone.Here are the five best teams from each European competition.1.Juventus Juventus will go into this season’s final four on top of the Italian champions.The Bianconeri are unbeaten in league and cup matches this season and have been linked with a move for Neymar.2.Real Madrid […]

What you need to know about Google’s upcoming wallpaper change

Google is preparing to launch a new color scheme to the Android operating system, the company said.It will use a new, bright red color palette, a move Google first announced last year.The new color palette will also be available for purchase through the Google Play Store, Google said in a blog post on Thursday.Google says […]

GOP leaders plan to use a new $20 trillion budget bill to avoid default

President Donald Trump’s new budget bill will not be a “one-off” budget bill, with Republicans expecting to use it to fund the government through March as part of a new “supercommittee.”But it will likely contain provisions to avoid a government default, and some of those provisions are aimed at forcing Republicans to vote on a […]

How to make your home look festive on Christmas Eve

A festive home for Christmas is a simple thing to do, and you can start with a simple light.This light comes in the form of a bright white Christmas tree, a traditional Christmas decoration, that will sit proudly on your porch.Once you have a Christmas tree on your front lawn, it will be easier to […]

How to use Google’s new sunsets wallpaper

If you’re a fan of sunsets, this is probably the wallpaper that will suit you.The wallpaper is made up of a selection of different sunsets from different angles, so that you can get a feel for how they look from different perspectives.It’s a free wallpaper and available to download now.The app uses the same technology […]