Using a wallpaper to make your phone look cool on two different screens is one of the best ways to make a pair.

We’ve written before about how to use wallpaper to add a bit of style and elegance to a pair you already own, but if you’re a newbie, you might find it difficult to decide between a simple black and a colorful background or a cool design in a color palette you’re used to.

You can do a lot with a wallpaper and if you want to use it on multiple devices, it’s a good idea to make sure you have a good backup plan in place.

Here are six ways to add some style and charm to your pair of iPhones or iPads:1.

Add a textured backgroundTo make your iPhone or iPad look cool, you’ll want to keep the wallpaper and background of your phone and tablet relatively simple.

You might even be tempted to simply use a plain white background, but the textured look of your wallpaper and the textural feel of the background will make your device look a bit more sophisticated.

Here’s how to add textured backgrounds to a couple of iPhone or iPads to make them look like they have a more textured feel:2.

Add background tonesTo add a little bit of personality to your iPhone and iPad, you can use a simple textured or matte background to accentuate the colors of your iPhone.

Just make sure to apply a little color to your wallpaper, which will help to set your background apart from other images on your iPhone screen.

Here is how to do that:3.

Add an icon or letter to the wallpaperIf you have multiple iPhone or tablet devices and want to add one icon or another letter to each of them, you should definitely do a wallpaper swap.

Here, we have a couple different wallpapers that you can swap to your new iPhone or Android smartphone:4.

Add icons to a wallpaperOnce you’ve added your new wallpaper, make sure the image you’re using is the wallpaper you’re looking for, then you can add it to the app that supports it.

Here you can create a wallpaper with a letter or a symbol, and then swap the wallpaper to your other devices to add the icons.

If you want a wall to be more of a reference image, you could use the image on the wallpaper in your phone’s settings, like the one above.