A week ago, we celebrated the end of the year with a new edition of the top stories from around the web.

This week, we’re taking a look at a couple of new games, which are both pretty great.

First up, we get the return of the horror-focused first-person shooter The Walking Dead.

It’s a pretty solid shooter, and the story of the game, which follows the survivors of a post-apocalyptic world, is a good one.

But it’s still a pretty fun one to play, especially if you’ve been holding out hope that we’d see a sequel.

The Walking Death: A First Look trailer (YouTube) More importantly, The Walking Road is a fantastic first-party adventure game, and it comes out this week.

It comes out in February, and is essentially a story-based take on The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings.

It takes place in the same world as The Witcher 3, which, when it launched last year, was a fantastic RPG with lots of neat elements.

This game doesn’t have all of the same bells and whistles as the original, but it has a solid foundation for a solid game.

There’s a bit of a tutorial here, and you’re given some options to play through the game with different companions.

But aside from that, the game doesn