Apple has a long history of making fun of the iPhone, and it’s the same in Minecraft.

On Monday, Apple rolled out a new version of the popular game for the new Apple Watch, with the company noting the watch “pops” and “wakes” in the same way that it does on iPhones.

The Watch’s new wallpaper mode, however, seems to be a parody of what Apple has made of the company’s previous efforts to parody the iPhone.

It’s no secret that the Apple Watch has had a long and storied history of being an incredibly divisive device among the industry.

The company’s attempts to turn the watch into a platform for jokes have often gone down well with Apple’s core fanbase, who feel that Apple’s products are too expensive and have become increasingly out of touch with the way people actually use their phones.

However, this time, Apple is taking a different approach to make a statement about the iPhone: the company has included a new “poop” mode that is supposed to make the watch’s new Apple-themed wallpaper look more like the iPhone itself.

In the new Watch wallpaper mode , the iPhone is replaced with the watch itself, as the wallpaper has a pink background instead of the usual blue.

Apple’s original Watch wallpaper was one of the first to be revealed at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference in May, which is when the company announced the Watch Edition, a watch that features a red and white color scheme.

But while the Watch’s original wallpaper was meant to be an homage to Apple’s previous iPhone-themed wallpapers, the new version is supposed be an attempt to poke fun at the company.

“In celebration of the Apple Watches 10th anniversary, Apple’s designers created a wallpaper of the watch,” Apple said in a blog post about the new watch mode.

“It’s a playful homage to the iPhone in style, with a cute pink-ish hue.”

Apple also revealed that the new wallpaper was actually created by a third-party team, and that it was “created by the same team that created the Apple-designed wallpapers for the iPhone.”

The Watch Edition is supposed do away with the iPhone’s orange and white colors altogether, with blue and white as its new colors, Apple said.

So, is this a joke?

Apple Watch fans have been eagerly anticipating a “poo” mode for weeks, and some have even been upset that the Watch is supposed that Apple is actually making fun out of the new device.

Many have expressed concern that the watch wallpaper mode could inadvertently offend Apple fans who are accustomed to the company keeping a certain level of privacy with their iPhones.

At the same time, the Watch doesn’t actually have a watch face, and Apple has long been known for keeping an eye on the privacy of users.